Overview over the microscopes made by Wild Heerbrugg

This page will give you a overview of the microscopes produced between 1943 - 1990 from Wild Heerbrugg with the time range of there production.

Use this links for detailed information about the variouse Wild instruments and the technical data:

Conventional Wild Microscopes

Wild Stereo Microscopes

Wild Photomacroscopes

Wild Surgial Microscopes

please note: not all data have been recorded, so some of the years are only estimated.
This list is definitively not complete, but I will do my best to hold it updated.

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  • 1974 - 1990
    Wild M8 1974 - 1990
  • 1963 - 1971 (550x)
    Wild M50 1963 - 1971 (550x)
  • 1962 - 1970
    Wild M21 1962 - 1970
  • 1973 (994x)
    Wild M20-EB 1973 (994x)
  • 1954 - 1976
    Wild M20 1954 - 1976
  • 1962 - 1970
    Wild M21 1962 - 1970

During the depression in WWII started Wild in 1943 to devolope microscopes and in 1947, Wild Heerbrugg AG entered a new market and produced the first Microscopes. 
This was the start for a new era and many successful models will follow:

This was the start for a new era and many successful models will follow:

Year 1947

The first Wild M9 and Wild M10 Microscopes are sold


The Attachable Camera 1, the first Wild camera for photomicrography, the 20x, 40x , 50x and 100x Wild Fluotar objectives and the corresponding compensating eyepieces are now on sale.


Conventional phase contrast equipment and the novel "Wild- Variocolor " accessory for color phase contrast are included in the microscopy program. An electromagnetic fine-focusing device, a projection and drawing mirror and a simple polarization outfit are on sale.


The Wild M11 and Wild M20 Microscopes are now on sale.


The Attachable Camera 11 with H-phototube is introduced.


The cine attachment with projection tube is on the marked for cine-micrography .


A drawing tube for the Wild M 20 Microscope first appears in the sales program.


Wild enters the stereomicroscope field with the Wild M5 .


The Wild M5 is quickly joined by the Wild M4 Stereomicroscope.


The drawing tube for the Wild M5 Stereomicroscope is available.


The Wild M4 Stereomicroscope gets its own drawing tube.


A new discussion tube is available for the Wild M11 and Wild M20 Microscopes, and the Wild M21 Polarizing Microscope appears on the market.


A new phototube for stereomicroscopes, the Wild M5 pol. and a new projection head are introduced.


Wild enters the field of inverted microscopes with the Wild M40 and Wild M50 .
The Wild Photoautomat is now available .


The Transmitted Light Base for stereomicroscopes, the Wild M4C Stereomicroscope for industrial applications and interference attachments for microscopes become available.


The " Wild- Verkaufsgeselischaft Mikroskopie GmbH " is founded in Munich .


The Wild M4A Stereomicroscope, a simple instrument with magnification changer drum, appears on the market and the first Wild M500 Infra- Red/Ultraviolet Image Converter Unit leaves the factory.


The Research and Development Department for Microscopy moves into a new building.


The Wild M501 Sampling Microscope and the Electronic Micro-Length Measuring Attachment are available.


The Wild M7 Zoom Stereomicroscope god's into production.


new microscope Wild M8


Epimakroscop Wild M450
Photomakroskop Wild M400


Mikrophotosystem Wild MPS45


Start of production of the surgery microscopes
Wild M610 / Wild M630 / Wild M650


surgery microscope Wild M690
new models Wild M3B; Wild M3C; Wild M3Z


surgery microscope Wild M655
Mikrophotosystem Wild MPS46/52


Zoom-Stereo microscope Leica M10