product overview

Over the years Wild Heerbrugg produced a broad spectrum of optical, mechanical and later electronic precision instruments. This page will show you in a brief overview  what Wild Heerbrugg has produced. But don't expect to find everything ... but I'm going to make an effort to list further discoveries.

On this pages you will find a overview of the product variety from Wild Heerbrugg from 1921 to 1990. For a better overview I have divided them to the folling groups: (choose for details)

For clarity, I have divided the products of Wild Heerbrugg as follows:

You will find pictures, descriptions and technical data's of the most of the products and instruments produced by WILD Heerbrugg.

Product Quantities

On this page you will find information about the quantities of the produced instruments from Wild Heerbrugg over the first 50 years (1921 - 1970) .